Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Elizabeth II - England's Longest-Reigning Monarch

Although Her Majesty chose not to commemorate the day she became England's longest-reigning monarch (today!!) I feel it would be remiss to allow it to pass without mention.

From the coronation ceremony photos, we see a twenty-five year old woman, utterly composed. 
Dignity and youth don't often co-exist easily, and yet in the photos from 1952, it's unmistakable - her youth and her dignity are firmly in place.

There is a photo taken in Westminster Abbey in which she sits, orb and scepter in hand, surrounded by soooooo many clerics and nobles, and in that photo, her countenance shows the tiniest flash of "Holy (insert word here) this is getting extremely real." 
Not the exact photo, but it gives the general idea:

Queen Elizabeth has done exceptional job of keeping it real.

Not swayed by anybody, she has her own internal gyroscope that keeps her steady in the face of whatever has been, or will be, thrown at her.

In a techno-world of instant news dissemination and flim-flam politicians* leading entire countries to moral and financial ruin, Queen Elizabeth is an exception - she is the real deal and the wisdom and solemnity in her eyes shows it.

*Yup, I know she's not a politician. I'm an American, not an idiot. 

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